Kid Hip Hop

Bounce wit B.G.

by Baby Game

Released 2006
H.G. Records
Released 2006
H.G. Records
Baby Game music is music composed and performed for children.
BABY GAME was created in the year of 2001. The group was formed when their parents record label was looking for an artist. The children had been around the studio watching artist come and go. They were always asking their parents to give them a chance in the studio. Their parents continued to brush them off telling them their time would come. Finally the children decided to take matters in their own hands. With a small boom box the children recorded their first song BABY GAME COME ON! They made a beat by using household utensils. The children dropped some lyrics over the beat and recorded it on to a tape. They then took the tape they had recorded and let their parents listen to it. Once the parents heard the song the rest was history. BABY GAME became a group! BABY GAME music is being enjoyed everywhere. Parents are happy about the music that BABY GAME produce.

"It is a totally different sound." (Mr.Hight GR,MI)

"Our children will not take the BABY GAME CD out of the player." (Mr.Johnson Mil,WI)

"I love what BABY GAME is doing."(Mrs. Vaughn Col,TENN)

"This music is long over due."(Mrs. Jefferson GR,MI)