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'Go Realla Talk"

We are proud to introduce 'Go Realla Talk' a new talk show sponsored by and Go Realla Grind. The talk show is uniquely tailored to that Indie Life and to small business in general. Watching 'Go Realla Talk' will be like choppin it up with your partners about living that Indie Life. There will be interviews with Indie Artist in studio and remotely .The show will be hosted by CEO.

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Let's Celebrate

Everyday is to be celebrated, but THANKS to our SUPPORTERS we celebrate the mark of a MILESTONE today and we are extremely THANKFUL as we set foot to reach our next one!

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Poppy Khan spotted

Poppy Khan was spotted out & about shopping in Atlanta with a very pretty friend. We can't lie, these two look hot together! Poppy Khan's music is available at

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For the love of music

Music has been with us as long as we can collectively remember. Musical instruments have been found dating back tens of thousands of years. Yet no one knows why we love music, or what function, if any, it serves. Researchers have yet to find a "music center" in the brain. Like many higher-order processes, the tasks involved in processing and enjoying music are distributed across several brain areas. One study found that when focusing on harmony in a piece, a subject experiences increased activity in the right temporal lobe's auditory areas. Several studies have shown the temporal lobe to be one key region for understanding certain musical features. But it works closely with areas in the frontal lobe responsible for forming meaningful musical syntax (or structure). Other studies have focused on our emontional responses to music.

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Runnin Game


Poppy Khan has announced that he is just about finished with his new record. There's no better feeling than anticipation. You can let your imagination run wild with the possibility that this record will not only be released, but Poppy Khan guarantees that it will be more than you want it to be. The Grand Rapids Rapper is working out of Atlanta and is almost ready to release the highly anticipated single titled "Runnin Game" featuring Suga B with a track from Chuck Hustle.

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Super Duper Project


Super Duper Project! Poppy Khan and Suga B link up on a Chuck Hustle track, it's guaranteed to make waves. That said, "Runnin Game" is truly going to take off. Surprisingly enough, this song counts as Poppy Khan's and Suga B's first proper collaboration, and the duo don't disappoint with slick rhymes on how they finessed their situations into something better.

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Hate or Constructive criticism?

Why is there such strong hostility among artists? It seem to be a lot of those that are unnecessarily criticizing other artists regarding the styles of music that they create. Is it the actual music that is causing the hostility? Or is it the success and popularity that fuels the animosity? What are some of your thoughts?

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