Two Can Play


@poppykhann x @mmonay__ are a great pair with undeniable talent and drive. The Game Spitter & Fashion Designer pose for the camera celebrating another year of life for the young designer as Poppy Khan tells Siri “Play Int’l Players Anthem”.


Members Only


Poppy Khan has unveiled his newest project with the arrival of Players Club, a five-track EP featuring Danky Ducksta while beat credits go the the likes of Bigboitraks


Never Forget


The legendary EURO-K opened their doors to our Founders in the mid 80's and they were once a group under the tutelage of Vito & Freeze. Our Founders say that EURO-K shared plenty of Game with them about the Bizness and never withheld any information. They also mentioned that as babies, it was EURO-K that allowed them to touch and see an actual major label recording contract. Our founders made it clear that they still utilize a lot of what they've learned from EURO-K and will be forever grateful for EURO-K taking the time to breathe on them.


And Cut


Coming Soon! The short film “Pocket Change” based on a single off Poppy Khan’s EP “Go Realla Lifestyle” When you attempt to conform somebody to a new world but jealously and the stress to be successful make them change over pocket change. Filmed by JoshieThe Goat, Executive Produced by Poppy Khan. We have been told that this is the first of many short films to come.




Our Founder & his wife have now been married for 25 years! Boonce proudly declaring “25 years & still we ride” Happy Anniversary you two!


It's a Lifestyle


All of 2018, Poppy Khan was laying the foundation.

2019 will mark the arrival of his first EP, and the listener, both old and new, can't be prepared for what he has in store.

Outfitted with only 5-6 tracks and some dope features, This 'Go Realla Lifestyle' EP is a pure player experience. With production coming courtesy of Chris Pickett (bigboytraks) and Danky Ducksta there are no dead spots to be found.

The project lasts 30 minutes or less and needs no supplement. Aggression, a dash of arrogance and fly talent do all the talking this go around.


Heavy in it


Towns Boi Hot is getting ready for the release of a new single, The project is due out later this month. He dropped his first single months ago. He previously announced he is working on another project, but we've yet to receive that. Nonetheless, he's getting ready to drop the project in a few weeks titled 'Hvy N da Game.'



It's a Struggle


Months after his first single release titled 'Never Gone Change' C. Carter began working on another single, titled 'Gud Tymez' which will be available soon. C. Carter is captivating countless new listeners worldwide conveying the thoughts and feelings of the struggle in words and melody. “This single will be similar to my previous single with a few surprises because I always write from real life experience knowing that a lot of folks relate to the struggle,” C. Carter said. “I have been blessed to have start reaching the right audiences over the past few months to receive the message in my song.”


Solid as a Rock


Skee & Ree are married musicians for the new age, this is music delivered with love. Ree the music vocalist writes and creates alongside her husband Skee the lyrical professor as a music team. Their first three singles 'Coffee & Clouds,' 'Gone 2 Soon' and 'Preyin' is only the beginning. In fact, we were told the songs of Skee & Ree are only going to get deeper and even more soulful in 2019.


Keep it moving


Da Rush Experience is keeping Hip Hop moving (The Beat 97.3) - The World's Dopest afternoon drive is happening from 12pm - 3pm Saturdays. Da Rush Experience is an Urban FM Radio Show based in Grand Rapids, MI hosted by Grand Rapids premier DJ Rush Da Guillotine. It currently airs anywhere you are. DJ Rush Da Guillotine is keeping Hip Hop moving with the Da Rush Experience and 97.3 The Beat is EMPOWERING THE COMMUNITY!  





Get Out


A photo of Townsboihot and his brother J Gutta after recording his latest single 'Get Out Da Trap.' It's abundantly clear that we are dealing with a rap veteran uninterested in any trends. On 'Get Out Da Trap' Townsboihot doesn't deviate from his message urging all foot soldiers to get out the trap. He tells it like it is based on his personal experience in the trap.


What you talking about?


Heavygame.biz and the Go Realla Grind brand is proud to introduce 'Go Realla Talk' the new talk show. The talk show is uniquely tailored to that Indie Life and to small business in general. 'Go Realla Talk' the new internet talk show, is set to premiere in early 2019. Get exclusive interviews & content as the CEO gab with other Indie Labels, Indie Artists, & Small Business Owners.


She Trippin


Over the weekend, our CFO made a trip to Atlanta to meet with our CEO, Poppy Khan and Danky Ducksta to discuss a future project over dinner. On Saturday (Oct. 20), the four discussed a strategy and budget for a project Poppy Khan brought to the table. It's a project that Poppy Khan says he and his brother Danky Ducksta have been talking about over the past few months. Danky Ducksta was not present for the photo, but did join the meeting later. We are told that the CFO is excited about the idea of the project and just hearing the details made her trip that more enjoyable.


My Brother's Keeper


Poppy Khan and Danky Ducksta are two brothers from Michigan, now Go Realla Grinding out of Atlanta. When you see one you see the other. The two Brothers are always together, whether they're in the studio recording, filming a video, or planning their next move. Their music sound exactly like no one. You would be hard-pressed to find a single song of their's sounding like anyone you've heard. But you would also be hard-pressed to listen to more than several seconds of a Poppy Khan or Danky Ducksta song and not become an everyday listener of their music.


She's Back


Suga B announces new singles dropping as she prepare to jumpstart her 2019. The first lady said she is excited about her new projects. Suga B has been working on a lot of new music latelyRecently she joined Poppy Khan & Danky Ducksta on a track called 'Luv Da Game' annihilating the chorus. Her singles are slated to be released sometime in early 2019 and will feature appearances from Poppy Khan and Danky Ducksta.


In the beginning


The CEO, Sterlon 'Boonce' Robinson sat down with I Do Music at Patchwerk Studio over the weekend for a Spotlight Interview. They opened up the sit down with a focus on the company's origin and how it all came into existence. Boonce was not reluctant to dive deeply into the soil. He shared information about the company's past ventures before having the tools that are readily available today. There was also mention of a new clothing brand and talk show the company has launched.


Taking Over


Poppy Khan and Danky Ducksta together have been named global head of music at HeavyGame.Biz, the company has announced. According to the CEO, They will continue as active artists with their music featuring on the website, however the two "will transition their day-to-day responsibilities to the leadership team within the music department of the company." “Poppy Khan and Danky Ducksta are hungry," said the CEO in a statement. "From the days of Baby Game until today, they have consistently been on that Go Realla Grind, charting the course for where music is heading. As we enter the growth era of the music industry, they are putting themselves in a position to make tremendous difference in accelerating that growth as an independent entity




Poppy Khan gives love to his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan in many of his songs. The picture shows Poppy Khan returning to his hometown mingling with his OGs recording artist Fly Donnie & Sneakerjeanus owner Eddie 'Highway' Spearman. Poppy Khan filmed his video at Sneakrjeanus showing that he may have made some progress but will never forget where he came from. When speaking about the inspiration and energy his hometown give him, Poppy Khan says – “It's not about what I give to them but what they give to me. Grand Rapids give me hope, because my city make me feel like I can do anything.”


Poppy Khan, Suga B & Danky Ducksta Luv Da Game



Poppy Khan is back with his new track "I Luv Da Game"

"I Luv Da Game" is the pinnacle of Player energy, a single that features both ATL's Suga B and Grand Rapids native Danky Ducksta. This is the sort of vibe that get you in player mode and focused on your come up. "I Luv Da Game" is a groovy offering, smooth in nature and sure to please fans of both the R&B and Hip Hop genre.